Haein left Korea at 17 to join Auroville, a spiritual community in South India. This is when her journey of self discovery started. Her path began with her first yoga experience which led her to understand and appreciate the connection between body, mind and soul.  And with this experience and understanding, her body became the object of her spiritual journey.

Then she explored and practiced

• Various forms of dance such as contemporary dance, Butoh dance and Contact Improvisation.                 

•Various forms of Martial arts such as Taekwondo, Capoeira and Tai-Chi.        

• Vipassana meditation

• Other courses that focusing on body awareness including the AwarenessThrough the Body

Through those practice, she learnt that the body has its own language and the body it self is one whole big universe. This naturally led her to aquatic body work such as 

•  Watsu, Wata, Healing dance,Aquawellness, Dolphin dance and Ai-chi

and massage therapy such as  

• Lomi Lomi, Ayurvedic massage, Shiatsu, Thai yoga massage and Tantsu.

These are her techniques that create an environmentin which the body is allowed to speak.

Through her work as an aquatic body work and massage therapist, she soon discovered the importance of not just giving as a therapist but also involving and giving the receiver an active roll in his/her development to health and well-being.                                          

Soon after she decided to complete her yoga training as a Sivananda yoga teacher at the Sivananda ashram in Madurai, South India and then she studied yoga therapy with Dr. Timothy McCall in France.

She left Auroville in 2012 and has since been teaching yoga and working as a massage therapist. Since the summer 2013, Haein opened her studio, Haein Yoga studio, in Brussels. There, she gives classes and host regular workshops and events, inviting teachers from all around the world to share their practice. 

Haein discovered acro yoga when she arrived in Europe. She directly fall in love with this community orientated practice where she found a continuation of the community life she was experiencing in Auroville. She was the first teacher who introduced Acroyoga in Belgium as well as the only current Level 2 acro yoga instructor in Belgium. As a leading figure of Acroyoga scene in Belgium, she regularly travels to teach Acroyoga in Europe and Asia.