A Soul Motion™ Odissey with Nicolas Jadot

During a Soul Motion™ Odissey we will be invited to explore and follow the expression of our inner dance. 

'Soul Motion™ invites you to listen to the still, small voice singing throughout your body, as well as the music in the room. Using dance and music to engender awareness, you court sensitivity and presence without shame or judgment. Soul Motion encourages you to identify and nourish the song you sing in the body’s choir of self-expression and ecstatic release. Alone together, at ease with yourself, you can relax into the unequivocal acceptance of the present moment.'
Vinn Arjuna Martí 

Saturday 27th February 4-6pm
Saturday 9th of April 4-6pm
Saturday 7th of May 4-6pm
Saturday 18th of June 4-6pm

JOJI Studio,
18 Rue de la Glaciere, 1060, Bruxelles

15 euros


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