What is Soul Motion?

Soul Motion™ Conscious Dance Practice  was designed by Vinn Arjuna Martí, an award-winning choreographer and global performer from the USA. It was born out of Vinn Arjuna's inspired synthesis of his many years of dance training, his work in New Thought Christianity, as well as his extensive experience with meditation and yoga.   

In each Soul Motion™ you will be invited to participate in specific movement enquiries. Within those inquiries you will be encouraged to freely shape your dance, to explore your body in motion, to rest in stillness, and to spontaneously express yourself in movement, allowing for abundant creativity and freedom of self-expression.

Zuza Engler, one of the faculty member of Soul Motion™, describe the practice in these words:

Soul Motion™ is a practice of paying attention and waking up, together, to the physical reality of a body in motion, and the spiritual reality of the Presence that moves us. It’s a dance at the crossroads of the vertical drop into self and the horizontal extension toward another, down from the mind’s conversations of past and future into the raw, messy & miraculous event of this body sweating, tensing, opening, living and dying: now. 

Supported by a wide range of movement scores –from mindful to wild– students dance across the four landscapes of Soul Motion™: solo, duet, community, and prayer space, leaping off of three core platforms: Pause Presence, a meditative relaxation practice that allows the dancer to slow down, align, and recharge; Orbit Orientation, where the dancer is encouraged to consciously move in all directions with equal attention and without preference; Echo Inspiration, using each other’s movements to inform and inspire. In the exploration of relationships between energy, motion, and space, stillness and movement are both included, as well as eclectic music sequences from classical to experimental to the Great Sound of silence. 


For whom?

All are welcome !  No previous experience needed, just come and try !


The Dance Alone, Together

Soul Motion™ Mindful Movement is a dance inquiry into presence and awareness of oneself on and off the dance floor. Moving in the landscape of Dance Intimate students gain experience and confidence in seeing and sensing the inspiration that is everywhere present in the 360 degree field, within and without.
The atmosphere is contemplative conscious dancing, the facilitation is minimal, and the dance is solo.

Each class starts with 15 to 20 minutes of non guided warming up with music. 


Soul Motion Odyssey is a facilitated dance inquiry with minimal verbal facilitation into presence and awareness of myself and each other on and off the dance floor. 
Students are introduced to the four Soul Motion
Movement Landscapes: Dance Intimate, Communion, Community, and Infinite. They will also be introduced to the Platforms of Pause Presence, Orbit Orientation, and Echo Inspiration.
In this dance excursion students will gain experience and confidence in seeing/sensing with a 360-degree orientation.

Want to know more?

Check out Soul Motion international website !