Motion Flow


Investment : 30 euros for 4 h session, 17 euros for 2 h session ……… An exploration of movement at the confluence of Yoga, dance and meditation. Inspired by Soul Motion & Awareness Through the Body.

Sun 21st Sep 2-6pm with Haein & Nicolas 

Sun 26th Oct 2-4pm with Nicolas

Sun 16th Nov 2-6pm with Haein & Nicolas

Sun 21st Dec 2-4pm with Nicolas

Yoga is a way to connect our selves to the infinite. 

The infinite. That which has no beginning and no end, what never changes. In our selves, it is the sense of ‘I am’. 

During a Motion Flow session, we will work  on embodying presence through movement. 

A class will be divided into guided explorations, on our own or with others, and free exploration with music.

Breath simplicity. 

Dance through emptiness.


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