Full Moon Creative Women's Circle

Full moon Ritual . Movement . Creativity . Sacred Circle . Celebration


Dear Women, 
We call to you, dear sisters and invite you to an evening just for you, for us women to share time together.

Traditionally women would gather and weave their baskets of life together. They would sing, move, share, create. In these settings knowledge has been past down for generations. 
At some point in our life we might have lost our connection to spirit and to the celebration of life. 

This gathering is an invitation to revive that connection and dream to live our life fully, passionately and creatively as a women.

Come and join us to create sacred space, allowing time to connect, reflect, share, listen and be heard.

To work with the wheel of the year and earth cycles to connect with the sacred feminine. 


⊙ FULL MOON RITUAL to open the circle and tune into the cycles of the moon, season & elements.

⊙ MOVEMENT PRACTICE to connect to the womb and the powers and awareness of the body.

⊙  GUIDED MEDITATION to reflect, journey the themes at work within each particular full moon.

⊙ SACRED CIRCLE as an  intimate gathering where we learn new ways of speaking, listening and relating to each others. It is a place where we discover and integrate new blueprints that serve the women we are becoming.  Once formed, the circle becomes a container for truth telling and sacred witnessing, healing and transformation.  We sit together and welcome one another just as we are.  Each unique perspective is valued and recognized for we know each vital piece enriches the whole.  We embrace pristine pauses of silence and abandon the need to rescue one another from her experience and feelings.

⊙ CEATIVE WORK to work with our hands and self expressions. This will usually involve practical making, a seasonal craft such as candle, dream catcher, macrame, working with clay etc.


Comfortable clothing. Please wear comfortable and cozy clothing (warm socks and a shawl to help keep you warm), and bring with you a journal, a pen . Finally bring something small and meaningful to be placed on the altar we create together. 



Women's Circle Sep-Dec 2018

* As we have limited places, advanced registration is mandatory. *


Wednesday 26th September 7-10pm (FULL)

Wednesday 24th October 7-10pm (FULL)

Friday 23rd November 7-10pm (FULL)

Friday 21st December 7-10pm


25 euros per session


@ Yogis' house

Near Louise. The address will be sent after the registration 


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