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Organised by Haein Yoga Studio

Acro Balance workshop with Bart & Kirsty, an acrobatic weekend adventure.

A great opportunity to learn, share and play with two phenomenal acrobats. Their joy in the practice is infectious and you will be exposed to different tricks and transitions you thought not possible!

Kirsty Stuart:

Kirsty has always loved being upside down. She trained as a gymnast for ten years. She met Bart in summer 2012 at an acrobatics festival in Bosnia and they have been training and teaching together since.

Bart Venne:

With acrobats for parents Bart has done acrobatics for as long as he can remember. Bart first performed at the age of 12 alongside his two brothers, winning the coveted first prize. He began training under professional acrobatics trainers when he was 16. He has performed in various shows in the Netherlands, Germany, France, and more. Bart teaches at acrobatics festivals, and gives workshops across Europe from Milan to Moscow. He also organises acrobatics conventions.


Daily Schedule:

10:30-13:00 Workshop 1

14:00-16:30 Workshop 2


30 euros per Workshop

50 euros per Day

75 euros for the Weekend


Venue : Sarahcademy.

Rue van Malder, 27

1080 Bruxelles



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