Intermediate & Advanced Partner Acrobatic Workshop With  Thorsten Bohle (DE)


Organised by Haein Yoga Studio

Thorsten Bohle :Thorsten is one of the main organiser of French acrobatic convention. He travels around the world to share his long time practice and knowledge.

* The level will be adapted and individualised for each participant based on his/her prior skills, knowledge and needs. For joining this workshop, you have to be able to do the basic tricks: "free star" and "feet to hand" (base lying and long arms)!
You can register with or without a partner for this workshop *

Workshop Description :

*Each block is 3 hours*

Bloc 1: basics and new little tricks
The bloc will give very well-groundet explanations of the acrobatic basics where you'll be surprised about learning new tricks and helpfull tips for your daily practise.
Also there will be some unknown easy tricks to explore.

Bloc 2: H2H and trio tricks
The blocs will give exercises for solo-handstand as well as an introduction in reverse H2H, usual H2H and variations if needed. Depending on the interest and level of the group, we'll add also some trio-tricks and sequences

Bloc 3: new and unusual tricks and sequences
The bloc will offer a variety of unusual tricks and sequences, mostly founded by Thorsten: as well low, high, static and dynamic tricks

Bloc 4: icarian and dynamic tricks
The bloc gives a very well-groundet introduction to popping with feed. Due to the very easy and safe spotting you'll do a lot of tricks you had never expect

Venue : 

Studio Hybrid, 111, rue de l'Intendant, 1080 Bruxelles

Schedule : 

Saturday 5th Dec 13-16h & 17-20h

Sunday 6th Dec 11-14h & 15:30-18:30h

Investment : 

1 Block 35 €/2 blocks 65 €/3 blocks 90 € and 4 blocks 110 €


Registration :

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