Inez Almeida has been fascinated with movement from a very early age, she is a professional actress, dancer and theatre director. She has encountered acroyoga on her path and is teaching it both as a movement technique as well as a way for expression and creativity.

With a background in classical ballet, yoga, martial arts, acrobatics and modern dance, she found in acroyoga a place for connection between people and disciplines, between healing and art.


Doing gymnastics in his childhood and training in a circus later on, Eric Simeth is on a journey of exploring movement, expression and how to share skills and knowledge. He met yoga in 2011, one year before meeting acroyoga. Those two practices brought a lot of change into his mind set and lifestyle. It made him want to share more joy with people and he sees now movement as a healing practice.


Inez & Eric met each other in an immersion in B and have been training together ever since, they are certified acro yoga teachers, give regular acro yoga classes in Amsterdam and workshops in Amsterdam and Switzerland.


Workshop 1 (Inversion): Friday 7-9pm  @ Haein Yoga Studio

Workshop 2 (Acro yoga) : Saturday 09:30-12:30 @ Bamp (Brussels Art Melting Pot, 37 avenue Sleeckx , 1030 Bruxelles)

Workshop 3 (Acro yoga) : Saturday 14:00-17:00 @ Bamp


Friday Inversion Workshop 2h : 25€ 

Saturday Acro yoga Workshop 3h : 40€

Saturday Acro yoga Whole day 6h : 70€

Both days 8h : 80€ 

Inversions workshop 

 In this workshop we will focus on training to get to a straight and stable handstand, to get ease in a forearm stand, to feel stronger in the crow pose and to get challenged with presses in headstand or handstand. Get inspired by the effects of being upside down and enhancing your practice in a playful way!

Acroyoga workshop 

This will be a solar acroyoga journey. We will explore different unexpected transitions and washing machines that will challenge your acrobatic spirit, learn how to do a fun workout and warm up with one or more partners, and end up with a cool down of delighful/relaxing therapeutic flying.


The lessons from Eric and Inez are challenging yet accessible and focus on acrobatics, though well balanced with the harmony of the therapeutic part of the practice. They are inspired by a rich diversity of exercices from different movement disciplines.