Acro Yoga

Thai Massage

5days Nature Residential Retreat

with Haein Cho, David Vossen & Thierry Bienfaisant



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Haein Cho originally from South Korea but she grew up in Auroville, spritual community in South India. She's a certified Watsu & Lomilomi massage therapist and as well as Yoga & Acro yoga instructor. Currently running a Yoga studio in Brussels and passionate to share yoga, Acro yoga and meditation.

David Vossen has explored the round one exploring all kinds of shows, from circus to contemporary dance, from street theatre to advertisement; He has acquired the tools that allow him to share this passion for movement and acrobatics. Acro Yoga has entered his life bringing a softness and generosity of a practice available for each and every one!

Thierry Bienfaisant His teaching integrates the philosophies and wisdom of the East and West: his ongoing journey for deeper knowledge of our physical and energetic levels includes training in Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine and Massage Therapy from the Nature Care College in Sydney and among many teachers are Pichest Boonthumee master of Traditional Thai Massage, David Lutt  & Arno Lhermitte founder of OsteoThai massage and Eyal Lederman of oscillatory and harmonic osteopathy. In treatment Thierry is known for effecting a stream of agile and silent movement with a repertoire of touch combining intention, sensitivity and precision. He wishes to inspire in his students flow, rhythm, adaptation and evolution but above all, joy and smiles.


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July 22 - July 26

@ Ferme De Vevy Weron

Vevi Wéron 15, 5100 Namur, Belgium







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