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Learning how to do a handstand is the process of discovering your own potential, gaining confidence and overcoming your internal barriers.

Regardless of whether this is your first encounter with standing on your hands or maybe you are already well oriented in this acrobatic play, you will certainly gain a valuable experience during this 2 hour workshop. Get ready to get helpful tools and knowledge so that you get the skills and courage needed for practicing the art of balancing on your hands.

Workshop Description : 

We will work on alignment, proper work of the shoulder girdle, discovering the basic principles of acrobatics, so you can build confidence and increase your body awareness. You will learn exercises that will help you unite body and mind and create a solid foundation to stand on your hands. We will work both independently and in small groups, in an atmosphere full of support and mutual concern for safety, appropriate for all levels of practice.



Friday 9th September 7-9pm


25 euros


Haein Yoga Studio


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