“ You are the Universe expressing itself as a human for a little while.”  -Eckhart Tolle-

Come as you are, no previous experience needed.
Soulful Sunday is a new monthly ritual at Haein Yoga Studio. 
The invitation is to cultivate your creative-form of expression. Bring a curious spirit and a YES to deepening your connection with self, other, community and Soul. 
Each Soulful Sunday will start with a simple body exploration, supporting us to arrive here and now, re-connecting with our breath and inner space. We will then open the space to movement exploration with ourself in the dance intimate, with one another during the dance communion, as a group in dance community and to our Soul within the dance infinite.  

Come and dance with us !!!
Soul Motion is a facilitated inquiry into embodied consciousness through movement. Beginners are especially welcome reminding us to wake up out of our habitual patterns as we experiment with ourselves and with one another in this awkward and magnificent journey of self-discovery and belonging.

"We are bodies and souls in motion giving birth to the renewal of possibilities and accompanying the death of that which no longer serves the opening hearts. With souls in motion we call forth the warrior within to stand guard to all the ways we block the awareness of love and joy’s presence."
—Vinn Martí



Through Yoga and Soul Motion™ Nicolas Jadot is sharing his passion for conscious movement and his inquiry about the body. To him the spiritual question Who am I? rhymes with What does it mean to have a body? and What can my body do? Those are the explorations he proposes to share with you, whether on our yoga mats or on the dance floor. A good sense of humor, a fierce determination to find the answers in this lifetime and an open, joyful heart are his tools.
His colleagues describe Nicolas's teaching as playful, spontaneous, alive!



Sunday 24th January 11-13h

Sunday 21st February 11-13h

Sunday 20th March 11-13h

Sunday 17th April 11-13h

Sunday 5th June 11-13h


Haein Yoga Studio


15 euros for 1 session of 2 hours


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