20th-21st February 2016

We have an honor to host Yanai from Israel! Yanai is the founder of Israel Acro Convention and has been wining competition of handstand year after year. Don't miss out this very unique opportunity!


What is it?

Acrobalance is a form of movement involving two or more people that comes from the realms of yoga, circus, and acrobatics, bringing them together in an aesthetic manner. It can be very simple, like lying on your back and doing 'airplane' with someone on your feet, or very complex like doing a handstand on someone else's outstretched hands. This practice will develop your core strength, get you off the ground and make you feel like you can fly!

Level & Participants

This workshop will be mixed level. We will make sure beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners are challenged in their suitable level.

Please note that this workshop is not intended for an absolute beginner. Those who are in their beginning of Acro practice are more than welcome!

Although this workshop is intended for adults, children over 9 years of age are welcome to join, with their parents' permission.

If you have any question about the level, please let us know!


When learning and practicing Acrobalance you strive to find those ‘sweet-spots’ in which your body is perfectly poised in relation to the other’s, so that you achieve a balance which can be held without straining. It's pleasant to do and beautiful to look at. Using the body’s natural alignment is essential so that you can rely on form and structure, rather than brute strength. This makes it possible for just about anyone to try it out.

Lots of FUN!

Interacting with another person in this manner immediately brings out a very playful element in each of us. Trusting someone to support you and working together in harmony is simply a joy!


Yoga and Acrobalance are practices which complement each other in many ways, demanding high awareness of one's body and a focused presence of mind. Working with another person is a challenging and strange experience for some yogis, but ultimately very rewarding. It helps break down our preconceptions about what we can or cannot do, freeing both body and mind.

Both practices are very much about BEING IN THE MOMENT.

Teaching team


Yanai Lev-or is a long-time student of Yoga and has been teaching acrobalance for over 15 years. He has performed around the world and led many workshops for both beginners and advanced levels. His clear language, ability to diagnose problems and accurate instructions are highly appreciated by his students worldwide.

Yanai is a master at hand-balancing and has a time-tested method to enable anyone to stand on their hands. From absolute beginners to those who can hold a steady hand-stand, his workshops allow each person to develop and improve significantly in a short period of time.


Haein Cho is a Yoga teacher and Acroyoga teacher sharing her passion in Europe and Asia. With a background in Aquatic body work, she brings in a unique softness in  her Acro Yoga practice with a fine balance between effortless movement and body control.



During this weekend, we will offer 4 sessions, 3-hours each. Each session will also include warmup exercises designed specifically for this practice.


Session 1 : Handstands & Hand to Hand ( Saturday 11-14h )

This workshop will take you through the fundamentals of hand-balancing including various mounts, alignment and stability. For those who already hold a steady handstand we will explore advanced techniques and balancing with a partner, including hand-to-hand. Prepare to be challenged at any level!


Session 2 : Yanai's special tricks and flows ( Saturday 16-19h )

This session will introduce some novel poses and unique transitions. Some are simple and within everyone's reach, others will take more than a few moments to master… With his background in Dutch-style Acrobalance, acro-yoga and Modern Dance, Yanai has developed his own special style and has a large repertoire of tricks to share with you. This will include both L-basing and standing poses.


Session 3 : Trios ( Sunday 11-14h )

Balancing with 3 people is a very special treat offering endless possibilities, complex communication and delicate balance. In this workshop Yanai will introduce you to some of his ingenious three-way balance poses, with increasing levels of difficulty. Take this opportunity to break out of the dichotomous base-flyer relationship by injecting a third person into the mix, and discover a whole new world of acro!


Session 4 : Standing acro ( Sunday 16-19h)

Acrobalance can be done standing up! Yanai will guide you through a host of tricks and moves with the base standing. This is a great way to open the hips and feel the sensation of being tall and high. Balancing on a standing base is very exhilarating and energetic, with lots of adrenalin flowing and big smiles on everyone's faces.


Venue and time :

Atelier Argon, 35 rue de l'argonne, 1060 Bruxelles

11-14h & 16-19h

Payment : 

1 session of 3 hours :

Early bird price before 1st of Feb : 35 € / after 1st of Feb : 40 €

4 sessions of 3 hours each, full weekend :

Early bird price before 1st of Feb : 110 € / after 1st of Feb : 125 €


Cancelation :

Please note that deposit are non-refundable. If you cannot attend after making your deposit, you are allowed to sell it to another person, however you need to inform us of this and their details before the event.


Another workshop with Yanai In Brussels : 

Family Acro Yoga Workshop Sunday 21st February 9-10:30h

Link :


Recommendations :

Jim Klinkhamer


September 13 · Amsterdam, Netherlands · 

Lucky people: you have the great opportunity to have Yanai Levor in town. 
I really recommend his workshops. He is one of the colleagues Det and I feel very familiar with, although his teaching program covers different skills and tricks from those we usually teach (that's why we always keep learning from him!). 
We like his great knowledge and the ways he teaches handstands and his wide range of self invented duo- and trio-tricks, often with playful and surprising aspects and smart technical tips. 
So enjoy Yanai!


Thorsten Bohle

September 10 · 

I would love to join Yanai's workshop. He is an amazing acrobat as well as a flyer and a base - so he has a really deep understanding from both positions which makes his teaching so deep. Have fun!


Robert J Matzkin

What is Yanai Lavor like as a teacher?

Yanai, has an amazing diversity of knowledge from standing dynamic acrobatics to weird crazy wacky fun L basing moves that I have never seen before. But this is not what makes him special as a teacher or as a man. What truly makes Yanai special is his ability to break down a tremendous amount of knowledge and distill it into its core essence to deliver exactly the right tip at the right time. He also keeps it simple light and fun. Its amazing to see him take the best tricks, tips and flips from around the world and create something special with them. The energy he brings is one of a kind, his positivity and generosity is truly remarkable. Before this past summer it was over 2 and a half years since I had the opportunity to train and learn from him and it was a fun and special as the first time.

Rob Matzkin @AcroRobbase Acrobat, Acro Yogi, Yogi, Entrepreneur.


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