AcroYoga Hand2Hand Workshop

with Haein Cho & David Vossen

Three hours to get closer to this fine hand to hand balance!

Join Haein and David for a step-by-step introduction to hand-to-hand. We will introduce tricks and drills that make it easier to reach a solid, comfortable hand-to-hand and explore weight transfer, hands connections and lines, together with funky ways to get in and out of H2H.

The prerequisites are selected such that you're ready to start practicing hand-to-hand and you have a fair shot at getting it in the near future using the tools provided.

30 seconds free star, 30 seconds hand stand against the wall, 30 seconds Hand to hand Tuck Seat



Friday 11th March 2016 6:30-9:30pm


Haein Yoga Studio, 46 Rue Saint-Bernad 1060 Bruxelles


30 euros


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