Acro Yoga & Movement Workshop with Ezra LeBank(US)

Yoga, Acrobatics, Hand Balancing & Improvisation blend into a fully embodied intensive to flip your world upside down and unleash your movement potential in solo and partner acrobatics and movement forms. This weekend intensive will give you the tools to transform your physical practice, from yoga and handstands to partner acrobatics and contact improvisation - discover the acrobat you were meant to be.

Teaching Team :

Ezra LeBank

Ezra approaches movement as an art and a science, bringing a microscope to the balance of study and play. Ezra is a Professor of Movement at California State University Long Beach in the United States. He teaches and performs across North America and Europe.

Haein Cho

Haein Cho is a Yoga teacher and Acroyoga teacher sharing her passion in Europe and Asia. with a background in Aquatic bodywork, she brings in a unique softness in her Acro Yoga Practice with a fine balance between effortless movement and bod control.


Pre-reqs :

consistent yoga, acrobatics, or movement practice. will be accessible for people with no acrobatics background while also challenging even the most experienced acrobats.


Schedule :

19th-20th March 10-13h & 15-18h

Saturday 19th March : Day One - Principles

We will explore essential principles in movement and acrobatics practice, drawing from yoga, hand balancing, partner acrobatics, capoeira, and biomechanics, we will study solo, partner, and group movement strategies to elevate your movement and acrobatics practice, refine your senses, and give insight to the nature of how we move.

Sunday 20th March : Day Two - Creativity

We will blow the lid off what we expect from acrobatics and movement practice. We will draw from the principles in day one, and apply them to creative acrobatic practice, improvisation, games, and challenges that will flip your movement and acro practice upside down. Be prepared for an exciting challenge unlike what you’ve experienced before that will put your physical, mental, and intuitive skills to the test. Work hard. Play harder.


Venue :

Atelier Argon, 35 rue de l'argonne, 1060 Bruxelles


Payment :

1day : Early bird price before 1st of Mar : 70 € / after 1st of Mar : 80 €

Both days, whole weekend : Early bird price before 1st of Mar : 110 € / after 1st of Mar : 125 €


Cancelation :

Please note that deposit are non-refundable. If you cannot attend after making your deposit, you are allowed to sell it to another person, however you need to inform us of this and their details before the event.


Registration :

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